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Q: What does GAIN stand for?
A> GAIN is an acronym for Golf: Accessible and Inclusive Networks

Q: How was GAIN started?
A> GAIN was developed over a 3+ year period as a National Alliance for Accessible Golf Research and Demonstration Project. The MODEL developed, confirmed that golf can be an effective vehicle for including people with disabilities into the mainstream of their community.

Q: How does GAIN work?
A> GAIN can be implemented within organizations or communities in different ways, depending upon the interests and desired outcomes of the organization.

CAMP GAIN can be implemented on a short term basis (like other typical summer or vacation camps) at any time of the year that an organization would like to "try out" an inclusive golf program. Typically, camp programs run 1 to 2 weeks, but the program can be structured and scheduled to meet the needs of the organization.

GAIN PARTNERS are organizations that want to add an inclusive component to their existing program. These might include weekly sports programs, First Tee or Junior Golf programs or other programs that teach golf and life skills to participants.

GAIN COMMUNITIES are reoccurring year around programs (or seasonal) that provide an ongoing golf and community integration program within a community.

Q: What does it cost to operate a GAIN program?
A> Costs will vary greatly depending upon the type of program selected and the resources that an organization or community has in place to facilitate a program. Available volunteers and staff that can devote time to the program will greatly reduce the actual costs to operate the program. A full year around GAIN Community program could cost up to $50,000 per year. A CAMP or PARTNER program will cost much less, depending upon the number of participants included and the length of the program.

Q: Are grants available to assist us in starting a GAIN program?
A> Yes. The National Alliance for accessible golf can provide financial, technical assistance and training support for an agency to initiate and conduct a GAIN program.

Q: How do I know if we are eligible and/or be considered for a grant?
A> If you are a 501(c)3 or governmental organization you may be eligible for a grant.

Q: What are the expectations of an applicant?
A> The Alliance is interested in supporting organizations that can demonstrate the following:
  1. A commitment to accessibility and inclusion
  2. A commitment to sustaining the program
  3. Ability to create funding streams and in-kind support for the program

Q: What does a GAIN program actually consist of? A> Regardless of the type of GAIN program implemented, a GAIN program includes a series of golf instructional sessions and inclusive activities. Scheduling GAIN programs can be as often as daily or as spread out as bi-weekly, depending upon the organization needs. Individual sessions have ranged from one hour to full day sessions. The Alliance will work with you in developing a schedule of activities.

Q: What if we don't know if we have the staff qualifications to conduct a GAIN program?
A> Alliance staff will work with you on identifying appropriate staff, volunteers and participants. In addition, Alliance staff is available to provide ongoing technical assistance to your program staff. As part of the grant process, the Alliance will provide a training program (generally 1-2 days) for your staff to insure that they are prepared to conduct the GAIN program.

Q: How do we get started?
A> The best way to start is to have a GAIN Starter Kit sent to you. This CD provides more details on everything from a detailed description of the program philosophy; specific examples of program activities and instruction, site application and funding guidelines. You may also contact Alliance staff for more information and answers to your questions.

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